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Leeds Museums and Galleries Inlaid Patchwork came back home this week. It left Leeds over a year ago to be part of an exhibition tour that was first in Berlin, followed by Vienna then Bautzen and is now coming to Leeds Art Gallery. The Leeds inlaid patchwork hanging is on display with a further 13 examples of large hangings made using the special Inlaid technique. The exhibition has had many years of planning led by the Museum of European Cultures, National Museums in Berlin. Research started over 20 years ago in the former East Germany collating where any examples of the inlaid technique existed. With the reunification in 1989 the search was able to extend further across Europe. The curator and researchers from Berlin have today discovered over 70 examples of the technique from across Europe including Sweden, Poland, Scotland Wales and of course ours in Leeds. For the exhibition each Inlaid Patchwork is displayed in large frames which not only help to preserve the hangings but also allow visitors to be able to really appreciate each piece. The images here show the installation of the Leeds hanging. First Salwa and Christina, two conservators from Berlin, carefully place the hanging in the frame. It is secured at the top with a strip of Velcro. Once this is done then our technicians help to place the glass over the hanging. The whole frame is then lifted into position into the stand which allows the frame to sit at a slight angle, making sure there is no undue strain placed on the historic textile.

You can come and see the Inlaid Patchwork exhibition at Leeds Art gallery from 27th August until 31st October 2010.

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