The Secret Lives of Contemporary Collectors

Since the Leeds City Museum re-opened in 2008, the Community History department has been committed to inviting local collectors to display some of their contemporary collections in our Collectors Cabinet Gallery.

So far we have hosted ten collectors displays that have included; Disney, teddy bears, Star Trek, soap powder boxes, half-dolls, Lord of the Rings, Black History, Snow Globes & Cocktail Sticks, Spice Girls and our current Cher display, see image below.

The objects are only half of the exhibition as each display is accompanied by a short film of the collector being interviewed. These are generally recorded at peoples homes so we can capture the way their houses can act as mini museums themselves!
Here are a couple of behind the scenes photos of us filming our next two collectors, Maria and Mary.

If you have a collection you would like to display at the City Museum in the future, please contact Marek Romaniszyn (Assistant Curator of Community History) at the Leeds Museum Discovery Centre.

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