In The Zone – Leeds Women In Sport 2012

Leeds women’s sporting achievements have been historically underrepresented in our 
collections and with the 2012 London Olympics taking place this year, we wanted to focus some of our collecting on local women in sport.

‘In The Zone’ is a collection of objects and short films seeking to capture a snapshot of ‘Leeds Women In Sport 2012’. We wanted to highlight some of the drive, strength and skill of these local sporting heroines. Our co-curated display involves five local sports professionals who were filmed training and talking about their individual stories. All the footage was shot between 
March and May of this year, and each participant selected and donated objects which will be accessioned into our collections.

It is important for us to continue to collect contemporary material for today’s public and the audience of tomorrow.
Here are some behind the scenes images of the five film shoots taking place with Digifish Media Productions:

Annie Birtwell at Scott Hall Sports Centre

Anne Bochmann at John Charles Centre for Sport

Debbie Fleming at The Fitness Academy

Claire Cashmore at John Charles Centre for Sport

Saima Hussain at Mount St. Mary’s Catholic High School

All of the objects collected and footage captured will be on display at the Leeds City Museum (The Leeds Story Gallery – Community History Case) from July 19th until mid December 2012.
Author: Marek Romaniszyn (Assistant Curator of Community History)

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