The Pharaohs have left the building

After over 4 months in Leeds City Museum, the pharaohs have now left Yorkshire.

‘Pharaoh: King of Egypt’, a touring exhibition showcasing over 130 Egyptology artefacts from the British Museum’s collections, proved to be a massive hit with the people of Leeds.  It was visited by over 74,000 people, the most popular temporary exhibition to date, and we have had lots of feedback and requests for more of the same in the future.
The exhibition from the balcony of Leeds City Museum’s Arena
Tomb guardian of Pharaoh Ramses I from the Valley of the Kings, Thebes, 1295-1294 BC
It was sad to say goodbye to some iconic Egyptian artefacts, all of which are now on display in Birmingham Museum until 14th October.  As for the Arena in Leeds City Museum, it has now been transformed back to its original state and visitors can now walk across the giant map of Leeds once more.
To find out more about the tour of ‘Pharaoh: King of Egypt’ across the UK, visit:
Katherine Baxter
Curator of Archaeology
Leeds Museums and Galleries

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