‘All You Need Is Love’ a celebration of love & commitment

The Community History Team has been working on a film project with a selection of local couples from different backgrounds to explore the theme of love and commitment. The project has focused on the rituals and traditions associated with different unions, faiths and cultures. Our five couples have been interviewed and filmed at home talking about their individual stories of ‘courtship’ and ‘tying the knot’.

Kate & Helen
(personal image from their wedding album)

This has included couples who are already married, those planning to get married in the very near future and one couple who have entered into a Civil Partnership. The couples all have a connection to Leeds and shared their tales of how they met, when and how they decided to make a long term commitment, their hopes for the ‘big day’ and their life together afterwards – what makes for a happy marriage. 

Our co-curated display to accompany the film will include the wedding attire borrowed from the five couples, ephemera from the day and some of the Leeds Museums and Galleries collections connected to the theme, from Greek wedding bread to Thai silk given as a gift to the wedding guests. All the footage was shot between July and September of this year.
Here are a couple of images from the five film shoots we did with Digifish Media Productions:
Julia & Stephen
(behind the scenes image of film shoot with Paul and Ollie) 

Zofia & Kieran
(behind the scenes image of film shoot with Paul and Ollie) 

All of the objects collected and footage captured will be on display in the Leeds City Museum (The Leeds Story Gallery – Community History Cases) from mid December 2012 until mid July 2013.

There will also be a display of paintings on the community corridor on the theme of ‘Enduring Love’ curated by local artist Marcia Brown and her students.

Author: Marek Romaniszyn (Assistant Curator of Community History)

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