Why we serve

Cultural identity, the collective memory, is something that helps bind societies together. Professional staff within museums provide their service delivery to visitors out of commitment to public service, education, and because of their belief that they can make a difference to people’s lives. Children, quite rightly, get a lot of attention from the education and curatorial teams of museums, whether the subject is art, history, science, natural history, etc. I feel very privileged to support my curatorial and education colleagues in teaching roles.

Today two groups of school children, from Temple Newsam Halton Primary School, visited Temple Newsam House for a workshop about chair design and construction, part of their Design Technology studies. Back at school they will be designing chairs having been inspired (hopefully!) by what they have seen and learned. Here I am comparing and contrasting the construction of Windsor type chairs, with frame construction using both examples from the collections at Temple Newsam House, and items I have made. The materials and tools used were included too. Afterwards the children went around the house looking at chairs, drawing and thinking about chair design. I am looking forward to seeing their ideas and designs!

Ian Fraser
Conservator, Furniture and Woodwork, Temple Newsam House

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