Greek oenochoe

At the moment I am completing the records for some of the Ancient Greek ceramics in the Leeds City Museum collection. One of them is this elegant oenochoe with trefoil lip, decorated with bands and triangles of brown/black paint, which is believed to be from Sicily.
I’ve learned that it’s always worth looking at the base of the ceramics, as there is sometimes interesting information to be found there. This proved to be the case here; half-hidden under the accession number are the initials ‘Hs’. This shows that the oenochoe once belonged to Mr John Holmes, a distinguished Leeds collector who sold his vast antiquarian collection to Leeds City Council in 1882. The Museum still retains his collection, which is usually marked in this way.
Just a minor detail, but it’s good to be able to add a little more to the history of this oenochoe.

Anna Reeve, Intern

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