Collections Through Cake!

We all love cake, right? As curators, educators, organisers and museums workers we most certainly love objects. Now, if only there was an oppurtunity for the two passions to meet?

Earlier this month Culture Themes designated June 16th Museum Cake Day. That’s right. Cakes inspired by objects. Not to be outdone by other institutions, here at Leeds Museums and Galleries, we are going to follow the model and Fridays will become Collections Through Cake!* We will tweet, then we will eat!

What inspiration will our intrepid curators take? Leeds has magnificent collections. Will there be gingerbread Roman sandals from Dalton Parlours? Could there be cupcake fungi from our Natural Science collection? Could we indeed copy the baked goods already in our collections?

Will it be (out of season) Christmas Cake?

Or a beautiful, festive, Greek wedding bread?


First up is Lucy Moore, Archaeology Curator. Lucy was inspired by our wonderful West Yorkshire Hoard, which is currently on display in the City Museum.

And here is the real thing:

Indistinguishable I think you’ll find!

We’re already having lots of fun with Colelctions through Cake, and it brought smiles to all our faces on this drizzly Friday!
Follow @LeedsMuseums and look out for our posts about our wonderful objects and the confections they will inspire!

*Museum Cake Day has been a Twitter phenomenon and you can catch up on hastag #MusCake

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