Collections through Cake 2

Last week we enjoyed gobbling down a chocolate West Yorkshire Hoard garnet ring cake.

This week we’ve moved from archaeology to art and are enjoying a fantastic Victoria Sponge of Anish Kapoor’s Void Stone, which proudly stands in the recpetion area at the Discovery Centre.

‘Void Stone’ is one of a series of sixteen roughly cubic stones which Kapoor created for his installation ‘Void Field’, with which he represented Britain at the Venice Biennial in 1990. Anish Kapoor has often explored the idea of ‘the void’ in his work, creating mysterious spaces. Here, he uses coloured pigment to fill the void in this roughly cut block of sandstone.

 (In case you are wondering, the cake is the one above!)
The cake was created by our Site Development Officer Gemma, and like Kapoor, she too used pigment to create the void – in this case black buttercream. Delicious. 
If you’d like to see Void Stone, please get in touch with the Discovery Centre (we can’t promise there’ll be cake though).

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