Collections through Cake: the Biscuit Weeks!

Never fear, people of Leeds, your museum professionals have not been neglecting our baking! Recent weeks have moved the form along however, and now we are in a biscuit phase.

Today, Kitty Ross our Curator of Social History, brought in these fabulous playing card biscuits:

These were loosely based on some playing cards from our collections that date from 1880.

A couple of weeks ago we also had a biscuit contribution from Laura McCoy who is our Skin Deep Project Officer. She is working on our bird skins collections and blogs regularly here! She went animal-mad and produced these lovelies:

Unfortunately we don’t have a diplodocus in our collections, but we do have squirrels, lizards and dragonflies! Some are displayed at the City Museum, whilst the bulk of the collections are kept in store at the Discovery Centre. This example is an Emperor Dragonfly collected at Meadow Lane, Leeds in 1947:

The Emperor is the ‘bulkiest’ of Britain’s dragonflies and Leeds is fairly close to the northern limits of its range. It is very active and even eats its prey in flight. To find out more about dragonflies and their conservation, visit the British Dragonfly Society.

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