"Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree" – themed trees at Leeds City Museum

In the spirit of the festive season, 20 fabulous Christmas trees of different sizes have gone up around Leeds City Museum.  But these aren’t ordinary Christmas trees – they’ve each been decorated by members of staff and volunteers to represent Leeds Museums collections, historic sites, and the city of Leeds itself.  Yes they’re home-made and often the quality of the baubles is questionable (mainly the archaeology ones), but what a great way to celebrate all things LEEDS! 
So here’s a sneak preview of what you might see if you visit Leeds City Museum between now and 6th January…

Celebrating the coin collection

Pom poms and sailing boats

Baubles on the archaeology collection tree

Some of the tree-toppers are particularly inspirational.  A gold Anglo-Saxon ring pierced by a Neolithic arrow tops the archaeology tree.  Other top toppers include Armley Mills waterwheel and the famous Leeds antiquarian Ralph Thoresby, clearly having an amazing time.
But some trees also have a serious message.  This tree in the Life on Earth gallery represents the plight of the worlds oceans:

Festive greetings from the (not so happy) sea. 
See all of these Christmas trees and many more around Leeds City Museum until 6th January.  Merry Christmas!
Katherine Baxter
Curator of Archaeology
Leeds Museums and Galleries

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