Appeal for stories of the 2015 Leeds Floods

Plaque commemorating the December 2015 flood, at Armley Mills

This December will be the first anniversary of the worst floods in Leeds for many years.

Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills, a site heavily impacted by the floods which happened on and after Boxing Day 2015, will be hosting a community exhibition to commemorate the event at the end of the year. We are looking for your stories and pictures to complement our existing collections.

Photograph of the clean-up at Armley Mills after the floods in 1946

Previous floods such as the ‘Great Flood’ of 1866 have been recorded through the collections of Leeds Museums and Galleries, and this is something we are once again keen to do following the 2015 floods.

Share your memories of the Leeds floods!

  • Were you affected by the floods?
  • Did you take any photographs of the affected areas?
  • Would you like to share your memories of previous floods in the Leeds area?
  • Were you involved in the clean-up operation?

Particular areas of focus are around two of Leeds’ museums affected by the flood, namely Thwaite Mills Watermill in Stourton, and Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills, both of which due to their location along watercourses were badly hit by the rising water.

We are also interested to hear about your experiences from other areas of Leeds, and any photographs that you may have taken of the event.

Please contact Chris Sharp, Assistant Community Curator at Thwaite Mills and Armley Mills, by emailing if you would like to be involved in the exhibition.

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