Schools Loan Boxes – The Space Box

Our schools loans box membership scheme is now up and running with over 25 boxes to choose from, with subjects ranging from the Ancient Greeks to chocolate.

Arthur Louis Aaron: A WW2 Hero From Leeds

Uncover the heroic story of Arthur Louis Aaron: an RAF pilot from Leeds who “set an example of devotion to duty which has seldom been equaled and never surpassed”.

The Sternberg WW1 Postcard Collection

Every postcard can tell a story and give us a glimpse into the past. As we continue to remember the centenary of the First World War and the people of Leeds involved, we would like to focus on the postcards of Vincent William Sternberg. Several years ago, Leeds Museums and Galleries were given a donation…

No Happily Ever After – Nursery Rhymes and Political Cartoons

As a placement student at Abbey House Museum, I get to spend my time looking through their fantastic collections. I’m currently helping develop some initial ideas for an upcoming exhibition on Fantasy and Fairy Tales. Everyday I’m surprised by what I find here at Abbey House, and today I’m excited to share one of those…