We want your #LeedsThreads

We want you to send us your #LeedsThreads for next year’s shopping exhibition at Leeds City Museum.

Conserving a Tibetan Headdress

A rare Tibetan headdress with gorgeous turquoise and coral stones has just been conserved for display in Himalayan Fashion by Karen Horton.

Inspired by Nepal

Uncover the adventures of Curator Antonia Lovelace as she embarks on a field trip to Nepal, to add to our extensive World Cultures collection.

A Tale of 1,001 Fabrics – the Hepworths Collection

Gentlemen of a certain age (OK, then, over 50) are more than likely to have owned a suit which was made in Leeds, once the capital of the British clothing industry. Leeds boasted many clothing manufacturers, large and small, including the likes of Sumrie, Browns, Berwin & Berwin, John Collier, the Fifty Shilling Tailor, Burtons…