Re-thinking John Sell Cotman

Project Archivist Jane Speller explores’Re-thinking John Sell Cotman’, the major project currently taking place at Leeds Art Gallery.

Joash Woodrow – A Hidden Life in Pictures (Part 3)

Liz Kay’s final instalment in her 3 part series about the life and work of artist Joash Woodrow looks at his later years in Leeds. In 1955 Woodrow returned to his family home, which would evolve into his unique artistic studio and retreat from the world, where familiar surroundings provided limitless fuel for his creativity.

Creating a new sculpture for Leeds City Museum Window Frame Project

Artist Jenni Danson reveals the work behind making The Curve, her new sculpture specially designed for Leeds City Museum I am particularly  interested in  empty and ignored spaces. We tend to take notice of a space when it has an object in it. We look at the object but usually ignore the space containing it….

Artists as Explorers

Part of the role of the Education team at Leeds Art Gallery is creating activities that align with schools curricula. We accept these challenges and try to work topics into exciting learning experiences outside the classroom. ‘All around the World’ was the latest topic a primary school asked us to work with. It would have…

Artspace on the Move: Sorry We’re Closed

Artist Lucy Courtney-Clegg reveals how she’s been helping to create pop-up environments in which people can experience art outside the gallery space I joined Leeds Art Gallery’s education office during the gallery’s closure for roof repairs. For me, it was perfect timing. Outside of the gallery I work as an artist with a group called…

Exploring Weather: Artspace, Leeds Art Gallery

WHAT IS ART?  This question came into my mind whilst volunteering at Leeds Art Gallery’s most recent Artspace. Artspace is an open access area with playful and creative activities inspired by artworks within the Gallery’s collection or temporary exhibition.  For one week of the Easter school holiday we transformed the Gallery’s White Room into a…

Artspace on the Move

  Have you ever wondered what happens when an exhibition closes? Beyond the physical packing up and sending objects on for new exhibitions or into storage, what about the impression the exhibition leaves behind? Is it a clean break, or does it linger like perfume spray? As the opening venue for British Art Show 8 there…