Sculpture and Microscopic Photography

Collections and Contingency is an exhibition of sculpture and microscopic photography by Deborah Gardner, placed in and around the fascinating artefacts and specimens in our store at Leeds Discovery Centre. 

Leeds Infirmary and the 1868 National Exhibition

In May 1968 the Leeds Infirmary (now the Leeds General Infirmary) opened its doors at its current location on Great George Street. However, its first visitors were not in need of medical attention but art lovers.

Interview with artist Lothar Götz

With Leeds Art Gallery’s crowdfunding campaign at full steam ahead, we sat down with the artist behind the campaign Lothar Götz to find out more about him, his work and his vision for the iconic Victorian Staircase.

Creating a new sculpture for Leeds City Museum Window Frame Project

Artist Jenni Danson reveals the work behind making The Curve, her new sculpture specially designed for Leeds City Museum I am particularly  interested in  empty and ignored spaces. We tend to take notice of a space when it has an object in it. We look at the object but usually ignore the space containing it….

The Memoria exhibition at Armley Mills

Jan delves into the history of Armley Mills I was packing envelopes in the dining area at Armley Mills. The place was empty except for a family sitting 5 tables away, snacking and chatting. “You should tell them.” “Why would anyone be interested? I only lasted half a day. I couldn’t take the noise.” I…