Celebrating Cistercian Women

Discover more about the daily lives of the monks of Kirkstall Abbey from archaeology curator Kat Baxter’s recent visit to a Norwegian Cistercian monastery.

Leeds Migration Stories

Discover the colourful histories behind our city’s many communities with David Harrison.

Leeds Infirmary and the 1868 National Exhibition

In May 1968 the Leeds Infirmary (now the Leeds General Infirmary) opened its doors at its current location on Great George Street. However, its first visitors were not in need of medical attention but art lovers.

Inspired by Nepal

Uncover the adventures of Curator Antonia Lovelace as she embarks on a field trip to Nepal, to add to our extensive World Cultures collection.

Dying Matters: Marking Burials

Curator of Archaeology Kat Baxter dishes the dirt on fascinating stone grave markers in the collection from burials in Leeds, going back thousands of years.

Interview with artist Lothar Götz

With Leeds Art Gallery’s crowdfunding campaign at full steam ahead, we sat down with the artist behind the campaign Lothar Götz to find out more about him, his work and his vision for the iconic Victorian Staircase.

A Day in the Life (I fixed a door today, oh boy)

My work can be highly varied, something for which I am always grateful and one evening last week, reflecting on the day’s work and the number of diverse tasks I had undertaken that day, I thought “Do a blog, a snapshot of the day!” Repair of damaged and broken Georgian door furniture, and installation, to…

You’ve been framed!

 Madonna and Child tablet conservedbut needing a frame for display. Detail of moulding being carved Making things that are curved can be interesting technical challenges. The Madonna and Child tablet that has undergone conservation works is for display at Temple Newsam House. Missing its frame, a new one, of an appropriate design for the…