Sculpture and Microscopic Photography

Collections and Contingency is an exhibition of sculpture and microscopic photography by Deborah Gardner, placed in and around the fascinating artefacts and specimens in our store at Leeds Discovery Centre. 

The Bird Egg Collection

Claire Miles explores our LMG’s Bird Egg collection during her placement with our Natural Sciences Collection.

The Secret Life of the Leeds Tiger

The Leeds Tiger over at Leeds City Museum is one of our best-loved exhibits, but how did it get here and was it really once a rug? Thanks to some amazing research by Ebony Andrews, (in her PhD thesis ‘The Biographical Afterlife of the Leeds Tiger’), we have the answers to some of these questions!…

Taking care of our taxidermy collection

Swallowtail butterfly Museum collections require constant care and there’s a lot of conservation work going on behind the scenes at Leeds Museums. Right now, some of the animals usually displayed in Leeds City Museum’s Life on Earth Gallery are being conserved. We’re taking the opportunity to reveal what goes on behind the scenes, following the…

Museums and extinct species

Natural science museum collections contain some of the huge biodiversity that we share our home planet with. A particular jewel of museum collections that curators are keen to shout about are specimens of extinct species. Despite the promises of technological advances, once species have become extinct, we will never again share our planet with them….

Treasures of the Herbarium Collection

During my placement at the Discovery Centre I have been documenting the Herbarium collection donated to Leeds Museums by the University of Leeds.  Conserving delicate plants The herbarium sheets, cones and seeds that I am working with are stacked in groups by the species to which they belong and groups of species folders are then…