Celebrating Cistercian Women

Discover more about the daily lives of the monks of Kirkstall Abbey from archaeology curator Kat Baxter’s recent visit to a Norwegian Cistercian monastery.

Leeds Migration Stories

Discover the colourful histories behind our city’s many communities with David Harrison.

Inspired by Nepal

Uncover the adventures of Curator Antonia LovelaceĀ as she embarks on a field trip to Nepal, to add to our extensive World Cultures collection.

Dying Matters: Marking Burials

Curator of Archaeology Kat Baxter dishes the dirt on fascinating stone grave markers in the collection from burials in Leeds, going back thousands of years.

Hajj items – Souvenirs from Mecca pilgrims

By Ameena Mughal, Intern at Leeds Museums and Galleries on the Voices of Asia project Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca, is the last and fifth pillar of Islam and occurs in the last month of Dhul Hijjah, which is in the twelfth month of the Islamic Calendar. Muslims around the world of different ethnicity, status…